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Kent USA is reinventing the way you design and manufacture consumer products by making the Rize One 3D printer available you, so that you can dramatically improve your workflow, enabling you to produce parts 100% faster, while reducing the cost of labor, materials and equipment.

For years, post-processing has been a necessary evil. Laborious, messy and time consuming, it has delayed the time it takes to get a usable part, created bottlenecks, prevented parts from being 3D printed on the desktop and overtaxed your in-house additive manufacturing lab. Rize One gives you the flexibility to iterate in the lab or right at your desk more often, increase the efficiency of your production process and introduce custom end-use products to market in record time and at a fraction of the cost.

Because Rize One’s APD process produces safe engineering and medical-grade thermoplastic parts stronger than polycarbonate and 2X stronger than ABSplus, and its software automatically repairs unprintable files, you can easily create products with geometries never-before possible. And, as the only desktop 3D printer able to produce thermoplastic parts with detailed text and images, you can make highly customized consumer products like no one else.

Rize One, the world’s first hybrid 3D printer, is a breakthrough printer, combining two discrete technologies, Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and Piezo Jetting. This is enabling companies to sustainably deliver a vast range of custom and replacement manufacturing parts with the highest isotropic strength. The breakthrough is made possible through Rize’s patented technology called Augmented Polymer Deposition (APO), which enables inclusive multi-material printing with minimal post processing and the sustainable use of safe, non-toxic and recyclable materials. Intelligent products increasingly require parts with variable materials, which include mechanical, electrical and chemical properties. Rize’s inclusive APO process fuses them into unified parts, enabling innovators to deliver unprecedented customer experiences.


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